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ARC Series



   IIcharus is supposed to be the best hope for ARC, the Automated Restoration of Civilization. As a tidally locked planet in the perfect orbit around Aka, a dwarf red star, it is perfect for the first off ship colony in eons.

    Jett Ρ2 is a seventh gener Friend at the End officer. When people do not operate at their peak efficiency, it is his job to remove the obstacles for everyone’s sake on the harsh planet.

    Kore Β1 is next on his list, but there is something not quite human about her. Once he discovers who and what she is, he begins to question not only his very existence and purpose, but all of humanity’s too.


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Available July 17th Kindle and Paperback

Tesla's Revenge...


The story itself is well crafted, taking you from murky cities where noseplugs are a must to breath, to whispers of zombies and demons near the White House.

Truly a story worth reading.


-B. Blaylock



                   Author of the

               Argon Adventures



        Renee Sebastian

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